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Working at the Legion,with there existing menu, which is short order. Im using the deep fryer quite a bit. I find the pores on my nose and surrounding area,rapidly filling up with white heads, and pimples. Any thoughts on using a mask,like a thin layer of vaseline while Im workng to prevent, what seems like oil in the air being absorbed into my skin. Any products that will extract and keep pores clean. I remember this happening when I was younger and I hated being Fryer guy for this very reason, now at the age of 49 having pimples on my nose just doesn't make me feel good, or for that matter look good.

Thanks Taj 
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When I worked at the breakfast place I would wash my face at the end of every shift and make sure that I included an astringent and moisturizer as part of the process.  The soup kitchen is different... I only need to do that if I'm cooking meat on the grill.. otherwise it's pretty clean.  I don't use anything special... what I have is the Avon Clearskin stuff that my daughter doesn't use anymore as she needed some prescription  meds for her acne... I'd already bought the other stuff so I may as well use it up!  Good luck to you.. those middle aged zits are the worst!
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Take them to work.

Use them on your break.

Had a bad bout for a couple years in my mid 30's.

Not job related.

If it gets bad, check this out: acne.org

He sells his own products, but gives alternative drugstore supplies.

I went the drugstore route and it worked.
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None of us are Dermatoligist or MD's. Suggest you consult one of them They know medicine we know food. They could  prescribe a prescription medicine that you can't buy over counter which may be better and help more.
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Warm compresses or a hot shower after your shift will open those pores up so you can clean them more thoroughly.  I had a pizza face in high school and the kitchen occasionally gets to me as well.

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Dont know weather to reply or start a new thread. Being diy Im  goin to fight /cleanse oil with oil. 75% castor with 25% olive oil, rub gently over face, massaging up to ten mins.releasing clogged pores and then apply hot cloth to loosen and soften blockages. Also lookin at an avocado and oatmeal scrub. I played with the oil vs oil theme, in my head. from an Italian chef I worked with, she insisted when getting burned on hand you place your hand back close to the flame to heal burn. Of course I have some reservations on that approach, and thats how its come about.

Bought some heirloom Mayan squash, couldnt find anything in 7th edtion pro. cooking. Anybody have any wonderful uses for it?

Yes I know this is not a site for dermatology, and you come into work one morning,having to continue prep for banquet at noon,only to discover that water from pump house is not working, you have no water. My hat changes quickly as I scurry the 800 yards to pump house and get the water running.

Thanks for all your replies. Kids are hungry, burgers, corn,and Mayan squash on bbq. for table 2 on the patio.

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from an Italian chef I worked with, she insisted when getting burned on hand you place your hand back close to the flame to heal burn.
Didn't believe it until I tried it.

EMT guys I've asked about it shake their heads at me (burbleburble meh meh long term damage to nerves), but it works.

Hurts like hell for a few seconds; doesn't hurt for the rest of your shift. 

I stand by that link in my previous post.
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if its just a class 1 burn ie no real damage your nerves are still firing like mad, you cool it down then they reset to being cool so even just body temp is too hot for them, so if its a superficial (and i mean it, any partial thickness and you need treatment) just put under warm/hot water, yes it sting like hell, but if will help produce a blister (which i recommend you cover) which stops the pain.
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Speaking of burns, what the f is up with tongs? I was using a pair to fiddle with stuff in the fryer, and I tilted it up, and hot oil ran down the hollow center of the tongs and onto my arm.
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yah i get that, cause theres a groove that leads right to the bit your holding where theres a convenient gap...


i was once advised by a blacksmith to make a thick mixture of bicarb and water and put any burns in there...

but he had calloused stumps for fingers so...
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zits to tongs to farriers (mine has stumps for fingers too BTW!)

Standing order for silver sulpha at the apothecary


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