Pillsbury Bread Flour vs King Arthur Sir Lancelot Flour

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I'm wanting to make my favorite pizza again, but can't get KASL flour except online. I have plenty of Bread flour, which I use all the time, and a container of wheat gluten in my freezer. My question is, can I add the gluten to the bread flour (12.9% protein) to mimic KASL (14.2% protein) and get decent results? I tried the calculator at http://foodsim.toastguard.com/ and this is the result that I received.

 On the chart, the 12.9 is my bread flour, and the Mass in the middle is how much KASL my recipe calls for, and the 14.2 the percentage of protein in the KASL. The results (in the yellow boxes) are how much bread flour and how much wheat gluten. Does this look correct and does anyone think it would work?

[In a county with less than 30,000 people (less than 12,000 in city limits!) it's sometimes difficult to get special ingredients without ordering online, so sometimes we have to make due with what's available.]
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