Pigs head question

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Hello all,

I am cooking my way through the French Laundry Cookbook and have just deboned, stuffed and braised my first pigs head. It was a rough, but satisfying process and would like to try again for a better yield! Its currently hanging in my fridge. I had two questions.

1. Price, I have formed a pretty good relationship with my butcher at a high end food market on the east coast. Prices are high but competitive, until it came to the pigs head I special ordered. The price came out to be $85 for one pigs head! I haven't seen any online retailer post the same item for over 15 dollars online, and Judy Rodgers lists the price of their pigs heads as 7.50 (the book was written in the early 2000's).

I reached out to my butcher via email after ordering the pigs head he special ordered and he explained that the head came from a high end supplier. I do not mind paying for quality but the price seems exorbantly high. Is it within the realm of reason that I got a fair market price for retail?

2. I was looking for a better explainer whether online, or in print on how to debone a pigs head.

Many thanks!
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Visit your county (agricultural) extension office and speak to the person who deals with live animals in your area.
They will be able to direct you to the farms in your area that follow FDA regs re everything that moos and oinks and clucks.

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$85 for a pig's head sounds incredibly wrong to me. I agree with P Pat Pat . Find a China Town and get your pig head there.
That's the kind of pricing a high-end market gives to a rich-looking/sounding foodie wanting a special order. It's profiling at its worst and possibly unethical. Special orders involve extra workload but I can't imagine it being that much.
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