PIGGY... Boy do I have pork any ideas?

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OK....I just purchased 1/2 a large pig....
I had the butcher cut the ham, ribs, loin is whole, shoulder is whole, loads of ground pork unseasoned, got livers, got leaf lard rendered.....OK guys any ideas?

Right now I want to smoke the shoulder and make a Memphis BBQ....crispy on the outside moist and tender on the inside...coarse chop and on a bun with slaw.
Ham is green
Ribs self explanatory
now....I have a huge loin....not cut this thing is 3'long.
I also have 20 pkgs of ground pork....ideas?
I'm thinking about pork sausage balls with water chestnuts, ginger, garlic,jalepino peppers,green onions, sesame oil in a hoisin orange sauce....hold the cilantro.
Or Pate, too late to make for the party tonight.
Or Boudin
Or Andoille
any other ideas?
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Shroomgirl throw some of that hoisin orange sauce on that loin and chuck it in the smoker ... in my Weber it'd be done in 45 min and juicy too. Of course sauce/glaze/rub is negotiable, whether you go southern or Chinese, say with 5-spice, garlic and salt.

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I like sui mai dumplings made with ground pork- or pot stickers. They're labor intensive, though, but once you've made a batch, you can freeze them. I learned to make a little Russian version called pimyeni, made with simple dough and seasoned pork filling. They were boiled and served with sour cream, of course. My Jewish mother didn't pass down any ground pork recipes, but I'm lucky to have met some wonderful cooks who did! Make your own sausage and experiment with flavorings, too. Try a pork producers' website....
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pork Enchiladas
pork burrito
pork Chile
pork Quesadilla
mu shu pork
ground pork patties with thyme and mixed nuts
pork strips with Swiss chard
ground pork and mozzarella lasagna
pork pate with apples and pumpkin
potatoes stuffed with pork and cheddar
cold roast pork,radicchio and mango salad
pasta with pork meat sauce
curry coconut pork steaks
pork medallions and ground pork with roasted onions
marinated pork and shrimp kebobs
pork cutlets with avocado and spinach
pork tenderloin stuffed with greens and chives
banquette of pork with green apples
braised rack of pork with pearl onions and dried apricots
pork cordon bleu
fricassee of pork liver and kidneys with shrooms
ground pork,tomato and gruyere pie
panini with parmesan and balsamic vinegar
cold roast with orange-marinated cabbage
pork and bocconcini sandwiches
pork hock and vegetables
mini pork sausages with beer and onions
pork cretons with chives
shoulder roast with pumpkin and pineapple sauce
buckwheat crepes with ground pork and spinach filling
pork shepherds pie
winter potato and pork stew
caramel pork cubes and Chinese noodles
pork fajitas
fricassee with tamari sauce and almonds
Chinese pork wonton soup
okra and baby vegetable soup
I never touch the stuff!!!
I have recipes for most of these pork items on my computer at work. I can access them from home if anyone wants the recipe.
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Thank you CC!~pretty extensive list.
Really never eat it?! I 've got a buddy that is a strict vegetarian (no flesh no eggs that are cooked by themselves, eats cheese but little other dairy) runs a high end kitchen...I trully find it amazing that he can do it without eating meats. I gather you cook it just don't eat it.?
Mezz~ I'd forgotten about dumplings I used to fill the freezer with dumplings and samosas...it's one of those things you don't make a dz at a time you make at least a gross +++++.

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shroomgirl, I do eat pork! I do not keep a kosher kitchen. I have every entree I have ever written on my computer at work. Broken down by main ingredient. This truly helps me when I am writing menu's...average of 12 a week
Question shroomgirl, If you don't eat it why did you buy it?

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I eat it....my veggie chef friend does not thought that the two of you had something in common, cooking pork (for him any meat) and not eating it.

I had today for lunch....sauteed ground pork with spinach and marinara over some funky pasta with parmesan....

Didn't make the meatballs or the party...que sera.
Tomorrow is prep for a Christmas Eve dinner party...hmmmmmm my choice of 3 appetizers...

Bought this 1/2 piggy because the farmer raises the best pork I've ever eaten and he only butchers 2X a year. $1.75# for organic free range healthy piggy...what a deal....now to cook the guy. I got the leaf lard last week from all five pigs...rendered that made great pie crust. Apparently few people know the difference in reg fat and leaf lard. Leaf lard really does not taste porky. The farmer was glad to part with it...any day!!!!

Sometimes the synapsis are not all firing in synchronicity and I sit dumbfounded trying to figure out what to make with huge amounts of (fill in the blank)......Thanks for the ideas CC...I'd forgotten about carnitas, and pot stickers....pumpkin and apple pate...how does that work? they are so moist how does the pate stay together and does this alter the shelf life?
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shroomgirl, try this.
1 # pieces of pork from the shoulder
1 onion rough chopped
4 apples rough chopped (your choice)I use cortland
some chopped parley
1 or 2 cloves of garlic
1/2 cup pumpkin
3 or 4 tbsp gin

4 cloves
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
S&P to taste
using a food processor or meat grinder ( I use the meat Grinder) grind the pork,onions,apples,parsley,garlic and pumpkin. mix with the eggs,gin and spices. pop the whole mess into a terrine cook in a bain marie for about 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours (350) pull from the oven and let cool. It all hold together very well
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Holy cow (hehehe) that's quite a deal on the piggy shroomgirl.

It brings to mind one of my internal debates, whether to buy a freezer or not. I don't think I can avoid it much longer and live with myself.
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Nick-shu....by fillet do You mean loin? or tenderloin or as the farmers say catfish tenderloin? Amazing the diff cuts of meat.

Live to Cook...I'm sure there are good farmers in your neck of the woods that would raise/butcher meat for you.....Liz Henderson spoke at a conference last year with me in Illinois (Specialty farmer conf.) she has one of the original CSA's in NY state...I want to say near Syracuse could be wrong...where are you in conjunction to Hudson Valley? Or Cornell/Ithica?
The meat (pork specifically) I get from a couple of farmers is trully exceptional...there is one slight glitch, the processers in this area are country...Country....so there is more fat in the sausage, cuts are thinner, they have a different way with meat than local stores...I just specify how big, which cuts, don't have them smoke anything, or make any charcuterie for me.....they all think I'm funny for wanting the liver and leaf lard.
And that it's weird that I don't want pork steaks from the shoulder.....aw well viva la difference! I may have connections in your area....if you want I can see.
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:bounce: I know this is an old thread, but I am new here and wanted to contribute. I invented a dish that gets asked for OVER and OVER again in my home and for family. It uses ground pork, which is why I wanted to share it here.


Diane's Thai Pork Balls and Veggies

Taste of Thai Ginger Soup Mix *
Taste of Thai Peanut Salad Dressing Mix *
1 1/2 pounds ground pork
1/2 cup oatmeal (uncooked)

1 med onion sliced
2 teaspoons chopped garlic
1 cup water (or coconut milk) **

1 cup raw peas
2 cups snow peas
1 cup baby carrots, whole
1 cup water (or lite coconut milk)

2-4 tablespoons peanut oil (depending on the fat in the pork)

3 cups cooked jasmine rice

In bowl mix pork, one envelop Thai salad dressing mix and oatmeal. Form into 1 inch balls and saute on med high heat until brown all over in the oil.

Remove pork balls from pan. Add onion to pan and the contents of the Thai Ginger soup mix and stir till the onions are coated with the soup mix. Add garlic and stir to spread around. Lower the heat and add water (or coconut milk) to pan and scrape up the bits and allow ginger soup mix to dissolve the paste. Return pork balls to pan and add carrots. Stir to cover the balls with the liquid. Cook 5 minutes on low to fully cook the pork balls.

Raise heat to bring liquid to boil. Add snow peas and peas and stir. Cover to allow those to steam. (We like our veggies almost raw, but cook to your taste)

Serve over Jasmine rice.

* Taste of Thai is a brand of Thai prepared food sold in many grocery stores in their ethnic sections.
** The mix calls for coconut milk, but i used water to save calories and fat. It really worked and makes a lighter tasting sauce.


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