Piemonte Bagna Cauda Comfort Food Anyone ?

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    Piedmontese, fondue style appetiser, or snack called Bagna Cauda, this dip prepared in a pot over a candle or burner is a delight.

    How do you prepare yours ?

    Do you have a Dip you wish to share with us ?

    Here is my Grandmom Margherite´s take on the old recipe ...

    * 8 servings.


    1 cup Evoo

    3/4 cup cream

    12 garlic cloves thinly sliced or minced

    1 two ounce tin or jar of Anchovies in Evoo rinsed and sliced

    1/ 2 stick of Butter room temperature

    salt and freshly ground black, rose, green and white pepper

    2 red bell peppers

    2 green peppers

    4 celery stalks cut into lengthwise strips

    2 heads of Lettuce of choice ( we use Endive and Radicchio leaves )

    3 carrots peeled and sliced into lengthwise strips


    Cherry tomatoes ripe and red or tomatoes of choice

    1. Heat Evoo, 1/4 cup cream and garlic in a heavy saucepan over very low heat until the garlic begins to break apart, stirring fairly often for 25 minutes

    2. add the anchovies and cook 2 minutes on slow flame

    3. add remaining ingredients with the butter and 1/2 cup cream, simmer and stir until slightly thickened about 8 minutes

    4. adjust salt and pepper

    5. set up veggies on a platter or wooden board and serve the Bagna Cauda in centre and serve.

    6. Suggestion: Dipping Crusty bread and sipping sparkling  or still wine of choice or beer of choice,  pairing wonderfully ...


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      Bagna Couda, now that brings back some memories!  We used to have this quite often when I first started on the Fire Dept.  It was just a simple Evoo, butter, cream, garlic, anchovies, black pepper and bread.  As people became more health concious we now eat alot healthier.  I had nearly forgot about this wonderful little snack, thanks for the reminder.


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    Buonasera Dan,

    It is a once in awhile treat. I do not have much of  a sweet tooth; and eat healthy all week long.  I am veered more toward anchovies, Olives, cheeses etcetra, those Mediterranean treasures. It is quite an oddity these days, however, nice every so often.

    Margaux with all my best.  
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