Piece of dough!

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Bread, pasta, pie, biscuit? I guess I don't understand the question. There are all kinds of dough. What is the context of your question?
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OK, I al searching for a definition of piece of dough for waffles!
hope you can jelp me!


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Waffles are not made from dough, they are made from a "batter". I guess the best way to describe a batter would be a "loose dough. It is very pourable and contains a higher amount of liquid than a dough, but has the same basic ingredients. A batter is also used for cakes, pancakes, muffins, etc. I don't know if this is what you are looking for. Hope it helps.
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What kind of waffles are you making?

Some of the true Belgian waffle (the rich dense version you get from a street vendor in the Grand Plaza) recipes have a soft dough instead of a batter. My favourite recipe uses a dough which cooks wonderfully in an old fashioned belgian waffle maker but doesn't do well in a standard waffle maker.

If so, it depends on your presentation preferences. Use a walnut sized piece of dough for buffets or desserts, or a clementine sized piece of dough for the traditional single Belgian waffle maker.

Hope this helps-


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