Pie crust

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Hi everyone I hope you guys can help me out :) .
I need a really good recipe for a pie crust. help please.


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Go buy a pound of lard and use the recipe printed on there and add and extra Tablespoon of lard for good measure. There are tricks to pie crust. You gotta use lard.

1) Make sure your lard is chilled.

2) I like to use my hands instead of a pastry cutter to mix the lard and flour. A pastry cutter works fine. Using my hands I get larger flakes. Essentially you want to make little pieces of lard coated with flour.

3) Add ice water a few drops at a time until it just comes together but isn't sticky. If this means you need to have a few flakes falling off, so be it.

Whatever you do, don't overknead it. 6-8 times should be sufficient.

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M MIL used make a great piecrust. Her secret was ORANGE JUICE instead of water. Something about the acid really helps.
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Dear Jett....I've always been bad at pie crusts...until Isabelle's French Pie Crust recipe...

French Pie Crust

It worked really well for me...best of luck to you!
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When I was first learning to make pie crust, the thing that really had me stumped was how to get the crust into the pan. I would try to pick it up with a spatula, or fold it and lift it, and the crust would always tear or fall apart.

When I learned to roll the crust lightly onto the rolling pin, lift it over the pan and then unroll it, the hard part was done.

I hope this helps you. I love to make pies now, and decorate them with cutouts of apples or leaves, and sprinkles of cinnamon sugar, and people always rave about them. :chef:
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When I first started making pie crusts, it was DISASTROUS! The first thing I did was buy a piece of marble. It's roughly 2' x 2' and fits on my countertop. I actually used an old marble table top and had it cut down. When this is chilled properly, the butter doesn't melt so nothing (or very little I should say) sticks.
The easiest recipe I've found that has worked every time was in BAKING WITH JULIA written by Dorie Greenspan. The recipe was actually contributed by Leslie Mackie and it works every time. I found this book in my local library and then I just had to buy it. I hope I helped in some way.
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