Pie Crust Problem

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I've started baking apple pies after my son picked up an interest in them. I am having a strange problem. I have a pyrex pie plate that I used several years ago with no problem. Recently, with two totally different pie crust recipes, both have ended up sticking to the pie pan after baking. I have not floured the dough or greased the pan. (I never did this before) I am baking a raw crust with apple filling and even though the dough bakes beautifully on the outside (single crust with struesel topping) the crust has to be scraped out of the pie shell. Does anyone have any ideas as to whats going on?
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I would always recommend flouring AND greasing regardless. I personally won't use pyrex though, I like using the disposable foil. I would recommend using veggy or butter spray then to grease your pie dish the old fashion way, it really saves time.
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I use a Pyrex pie plate all the time with no trouble and no pre treatment. I think it has to do with the fat content of the pie dough. The more butter/shortning the less likely it is to stick.

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My guess too is that it is your recipe....perhaps you've changed shortenings?
It is amazing how differently each brand of shortening works in a recipe.
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Make sure the pie is warm or rm. temp. when you cut it. Also, make sure that your filling isn't warm or hot when you pour it into the shell.

Pyrex has nothing to do with why it's sticking. It's either the makeup of your dough, or your procedure.
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