Pickled capers for tartar sauce

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Hi all, I am new here and looking for a little advice.

Every restaurant I eat at that has the best tartar cause uses capers instead of pickles.  I had some the other night and the capers had a strong pickled flavor.  Any time I buy capers in a jar in the store they are nothing like that.  I searched online for "pickled capers" and found nothing specific.

Is there a certain kind of caper (brand or other) that has a distinct picked flavor?

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My tartar sauce always has pickle in it, sometimes I add capers. I suspect this is the case where you are eating.
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This most recent one I had the other night only had capers in it, no pickles, and when I picked out a single caper and ate it separately, it was definitely pickled, but not the same exact flavor as a dill pickle.  I wish I knew where to get those capers.
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I use a combination of both. Capers should come in a brine, so perhaps this is what you are tasting in that sauce?

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