Piada or Piadina and Cascione (Italian Speciality)

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Piada or piadina is a tipycal food of Romagna, a zone of my regione near the sea. I know it very well because my father was born near Rimini and he knows it very well.

My recipe for piada is the following: 1 kg of flavour, 15 gr. of baking soda, 300 gr. of lard, a very little honey and salt.If  you don't want to use lard you can use an half glass of olive oil

You have to mix the ingredients in the order that I wrote until you have obtained an hard dough. Than you have to work the pasta in a small ball with the rolling pin (mattarello) until you have obtained a thin layer of pasta. Then you have to cook this thin layer on a pan until swell small bubbles. Than you have to turn the piada on the other side and it is ready.

Here in Italy piada is eaten with differents types of salumi: Ham, Salami, Pork, Bowl Head and others differents types.

You can also put inside soft cheese like mozzarella or stracchino and a salume or only cheese...or you can put in vegetables au gratin or sausage and onion...

Different is the Cascione: Is made as same as piadina but you put inside erbe (cooked greens) sauteed with oil and garlic or mozzarella and tomato or mozzarella and sausage or potatoes and sausage or also nutella and close the Cascione with the help of a fork.

You must fold in half the piadina with filling, to close pressing on the hedge with the fork ant it'all.

But you have to press very strong because it could open in the pan and it is a problem...

It coul be soft so you can bend it easy...but thicker than a tortillas...  


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By flavour, I assume that was a spell check correction for flour?
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Your recipe does not include water or milk. Many of the Samarinese that I know use milk. The recipe that I have developed uses water, as does my Nona. I have made some adjustments to fit my taste, mostly to make the piada softer so that it doesn't become very dry and crunchy after setting out for too long. I am curious to know if you forgot to mention how much water to use.
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Yes, sorry, I have read another time my post and I have forgotten to write water or milk. I use half (1/2 liter) of milk for kg, i prefer to use milk than water because the mixture is softer...

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