Phrases I can do without........

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I am a peaceful person but some of the phrases that I have listened to at work or on TV realy get under my skin! Here are some of my pet peeves and please feel free to add.
1.Think outside of the box.(I am not in a box)
2.We need to take it to the next level.( who is this we? )
3.We need to have a meeting about this.(isnt that what we are doing now?)
4.Jo quiero taco bell.(no I do not)
5.Bam! (more often than not it's oh s**t)
And my last phrase I cringe at is " I think we need to draw up an action plan including the formation of a focus group leading to a workshop on how to do it.
I'm sure theres more but I am brain dead for now so please add yours........
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My name to get my attention when someone needs something very tedius and repedative done or some stupid question answered.

"Do these stairs go up or down? :rolleyes:
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On a cruise ship: "Does the elevator go to the front of the ship?"

In port in Alaska: "What's the elevation where we are now?"


We're going on a cruise soon. I hope to heaven nobody asks these within my hearing.
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"You want to have your cake and eat it too"...well duh, why would I want to have cake if I couldn't eat it?
This is a recent one: "I don't believe in ****, so I can't go there"...ok, so if you didn't believe in Antarctica, and you went there...where would you be?
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"Team player." (If you're not working alone in a cave, chances are you're a team player.)

"Company man." (Not something to brag about, if you ask me.)

"Information shared on a need-to-know basis." (I guess I hate this because it's so dismissive to people on the lower rungs of the project.)

I'm not even going to get into phrases that are just plain incorrect or contain frequently mispronounced words. (Like "verbiage" pronounced ver-bij.)
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"Last week I couldn't spell "chef", now I are one".
"Its' just as good as what I usually send you".
"Is everything here homemade?'
"The last time I was here it was different."
"Its' raining in the ice machine again".
"Hello. This is the Bannock County Jail. To accept this collect call, please press "1".

And so on....
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"Don't assume - it makes an assof u and me"
"Sorry you're not talking to your local bank, your talking to a call centre in India"
"Lets be pro-active about this"
"Do you think you've gained anything from this?"
"Am I right?"

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