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Mmmm... last year y.t. had this stupid video about “great phone hacks”, the click bait /thumbnail depicted a cartoon drawing of a woman seated at the toilet staring at her phone which was nestled in her, ummm, underwear that was pulled down around her ankles.
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I think we've hijacked the thread a little; the OP reported that his boss was angry because the boss sent a text and didn't get what the boss considered an appropriate reply. The boss is new to the company and made an assumption that communication via a private phone was an acceptable means of communication. The boss never asked for the employee's cell # and never suggested that texting might be necessary. The protocol in place is leaving notes on clipboards. If the new boss wants to change the protocol, he needs to let everyone know.

Unless I (the boss) ask someone for their cell phone and make it clear that there will be times I need to communicate via your own personal device and not a phone that I am paying you to carry and use; I have no expectation that sending a text is ok and warrants a reply. There is a clear demarcation between being at work and conducting work related tasks and being off the clock.

Your situation is different - you are in the heat of the moment, needing to communicate with staff at a distance and getting immediate responses. Your company should provide the means of communication or at least reimburse you for a portion of your cell phone bill if they expect you to use your phone in the course of your job. They've made that clear, they didn't spring it on you.

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