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Hi. I'm a retired musician/artist learning things I've always wanted to learn (but never had time). I obsessed over everything "coffee" for almost a year trying to learn as much as I could in order to brew the perfect cup of coffee every morning. What I discovered is (1) it's not possible and (2) there's only so much you can learn about coffee before you enter into the realm of ... well ... weird. Then I followed my passion and love of beer and took up home brewing. That was a blast, (and expensive), for about a year and a half. But now I have cases and cases of mediocre beer piled up in the garage, on the patio, in the pantry . . . I love beer, but I despise drunk - so I only drink 1 or maybe 2 when I drink. It'll take me centuries to go through this stuff. I was going to try my hand at making wine but . . . well I just don't like wine. So here I am - I've always been curious about what differentiates a "good cook" from a "bad cook." I love food - ANY food. I'm impressed with those people who compete on Food Network's "Chopped." Sooooooo



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James Peterson says "... good cooking is based on doing lots of little things correctly without taking shortcuts. And by a profound reverence for ingredients--letting them express their own character. "

It's not a description that will mean much until you get down and do it. But once you do it, you see what Peterson is talking about. 
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Welcome, I think your 1/2 way there. Caring and being a perfectionist is a great way to begin. I think when you start on your food binge you can have a Food and Beer party for your friends. 
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Originally Posted by phatch  

"... good cooking is based on doing lots of little things correctly without taking shortcuts..."
That sounds like excellent advice. 90% of the resources I've found online so far seem to be aimed at "How To Take Shortcuts", make it simple, make it quick, "Healthy Meals in Under 3 Seconds" etc. 

I'm all for slowing the pace down and adding a little quality back into life


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Welcome, I too am obsessed with coffee, roast my own beans invested in a great machine. Let us know what you think of ChefTalk and if you have any questions on how to use the site.
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