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Dear all,

I am a PhD student at the Polytechnic University in Valencia, Spain.I am doing my PhD thesis on gender barriers and success factors in the Haute Cuisine Field. I am passionate of research and social science. I also like food and I like to discover new cuisines.

PS. If you are curious about the study, I can communicate the results on demand. Here are the links of the suvey



Please do not hesitate to distribute within your network.


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Welcome to ChefTalk. Is there a particular point you are trying to prove with your study? One gender has a harder time than the other etc?
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The goal from the study is to see what are the barriers women chefs face, since there is not a lot of women chefs especially renowned one compared to men. Then to assess the success factors. And in this survey we are trying to identify the skills needed from a chef and if there are any gender differences in terms of perception and requirements. Did you do the questionnaire?

I would be interested in distributing the survey within your chefs network, how can I do and who I should contact. As we are going to publish the results in article, we can mention your contribution!
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