Petty knife- Masamoto or Mac?

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Hi all. Looking into getting a 6" petty/utility knife. I'm a very serious home cook, not a pro. Take good care of my knives though.

I've been planning to get a Mac pro, I have the 5" version and its a nice little knife. However, I really love my Masamoto VG gyuto, I have the 210 and am going to get the 240 soon. My question is- would the Masamoto VG petty be worth the extra $30 over the Mac?


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Haven't used either, but would go with the MAC here for the savings as I don't believe the Masamoto VG has any advantages, and they have been having reported FF issues for a while now.
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have you looked at Ajikiri style knives?  here is a link to some  they are basically a baby deba.  at some Japanese knife sites, you won't find Ajikiri, but they will have deba as short as 85mm.  I have several and use them for most prep work.  just an option from a petty that looks like a big paring knife
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Thanks all. I'm probably not interested in an ajikri at this time- I'm a little bit of a traditionalist - I think I'd like a straight forward petty. Thank you though. Maybe someday.

Rick Alan- my Masamoto has zero Fit and finish issues, that has been my experience with one knife.
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