Petrozza got robbed

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I just had dinner at Maze at the London NYC. With his own brand and tight brigade, I think it's a great opportunity for a young chef to be involved with Chef Ramsey.

The dinner was wonderful and the tour of the kitchen was a very nice touch. Quiet, clean, well organized and professional, beauitifully run, yes.
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Geezze Quinn I thought I was the trouble maker.:D Hey Greg, I've been to Minnesorta. I thought that was the Country Kitchen. Hehehe


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Oooh I missed Quinn's jab. Quinn! Take that back or I'll wash your mouth out with lutefisk!
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Old Country Buffet, actually. :smokin We work there if we can't handle Denny's and their fancy plated food.
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Matts an idiot and probly can pass as being legaly retarted. Jens a stupid ***** that is jealous and needs to get her *** off her head. :suprise:

Psht as if New Jersey is any better............

Who are you are!!!!:D

UGHHHHH I just got shivers and goosebumps just thinking about that. I think I'm going to jeff........:eek:
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Watching this show, I saw no strong leader's except fpr Jen, and she had way too many rocks to push hill, i.e. weak cooks to be seen in any other way other than a ***** that had to sink to their level to get anywhere. saw no really strong, steady cooking techniques going on here. Lots and lots of inconsistantcy. I agree with the those that are saying that Ramsey picked the fashion chioce, which is, to me what he did throughout the show.
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SERIOUSLY!? JEN!? Im sorry but if she really could cook and she let the others get to her, that still makes her just as bad as not being able to cook at all.

I dont care what someones doing to me, breathing down my neck, throwing things at me cussing at me, I can still fry an onion ring untill its golden, not soggy as all ****.

Plus she was an idiot. an arrogant idiot. :mad:
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ok, inside skinny, remember I haven't had a television in 8 years so I'm not familiar with ****'s Kitchen other than the last week's episodes.
.....Christina is from STL (Maplewood exactly, my zipcode), the exec chef at Revival is a long time friend of mine who invited me to her friends/family dinner television viewing celebration. She also extern with my buddy at An American Place (STL).

The menu was Chrisitina's food.
Arugula Salad with white raisins, proscuitto
taglittle with creamy wild mushroom sauce, blk truffle oil

Strip steak on succatash with fava bean puree
Lobster (shrimp, crawfish) risotto

pineapple, coconut sorbet, passion fruit caramel, macadamia nut brittle

It was good.

The food editor from the Post-Dispatch is another close friend, we sat together at the dinner.

So, Christina got a $100,000 check outright. She will be in a supervisory sous chef position, the "package is worth $250k" not the salary.
My question was is a semi with ramen noodles going to pull up as part of the package?!!!
She had left Revival a week prior to the finale (last week) and is packed and on her way to LA.
Chrisitina is young and hard working, she's worked with some of STL's finest for a 6 mos or so. Still needs an exec, chef de cuisine, supervision.
She definatly has a 26 year old body and her dress was something else...
This was a phenominal opportunity for her.

That show was pure entertainment guys.....please, a ringer jerk on each side.

**And it was really shocking when Petrozza told everyone to touch the food for dude, you are on an open kitchen....not wearing gloves....HELLO anyone home?

I love Christina's response to the question of what kind of restaurant she'd open in STL. One out on their farm in Augusta (45 minutes from STL, gorgeous small winery/brewery town) using products fresh from their farm.

She has potential.
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Oh I agree with everything right there. :lol: Shes an RA at the CIA where I was and right before we all left for xmas break they had to speak to us about our rooms before we leave and she mentioned how she wasnt going to be back because she was going to a "tv show". She knows what shes doing, shes a great cook, a great "teacher" and when its time to not mess around she knows and is ready. Petrozza was a good cook too but clueless for a position like that. She may not be ready right now but in a few years im sure well all be hearing about her.
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Petrozza got robbed.

Christina picked the easy safe menu, and still didn't check the food going out and had food coming back, to me that would be unacceptable.
It’s been ten years, and I just watched it last night, but this is ridiculous. I mean petrozza was just so honest and was able to come up with ideas for new food that his team could handle, while Christina could barely handle her team.
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