Petits Fours Glacees

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We were making them in class last friday out of genoise cake butter cream and fondant. I wanted to make them at my house but I dont know how to get the fondant we used in class.

We had a big 20 pounds pin filled with it. We heated over bain marie and then ladled it over the cakes. I was hopping some one would tell me a recepi for it or if they know a store near Montreal that sells it
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First I cut my cake (thin layers filled with jam and stacked) into interesting shapes, (keep size to one or two small bites) then dip them in a flavored simple syrup to "crumb coat". Let them dry thoroughly on rack and proceed with this...I found with a good crumb coat I can hand dip without leaving behind a lot of crumbs in icing.

1/4 cup confectionery coating ( I use those little candy disks)

7 1/4 cups 10x
1/2 cup corn syrup (clear)
1/2 cup water
1 1/2 tsp vanilla (or flavor that you used in simple syrup)

Melt coating and cool to 100 degrees (F). Blend sugar, syrup and water until smooth. (carefully or you will have a lot of bubbles to pop). Add melted coating, mix well. Keeping temp at 100 degrees pour over cakes on rack. Will harden as cools. Decorate with additional colored melted candy disks squiggles or little rolled fondant decos.
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for quick sell products or for family and friends - I like faux fondant.
Milk, corn syrup or glucose and 10 X sugar.

There is also a website that has Food processor Fondant that works pretty well.
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