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    I am still fairly new at decorating cakes and such. I have a thing of petal dust. It says not to be consumed, but it is used for sugar flowers and fondant flowers that are indeed edable. so is it safe to eat small amounts. I want to use it on a cake to color the fondant lightly
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    Welcome to Cheftalk CK,

    Most dusts are labeled "non toxic" . Look for brands that are specifically labeled FDA approved or Food grade.

    In my experience over the years, most cakes decorated with gumpaste flowers or fondant flowers are technically "edible" but most clients do not eat the flowers , they usually keep them for keepsakes.

    Petal dust produces a matte finish to your sugar work giving  depth of color and deep hues. There is no shine if that is what you are looking for.

    Petal dust will give you an almost natural look. If you are looking to have  added shine, then you can always apply pearl dust on top of the petal dust which will give your sugarwork a touch of shimmer.

    It is just one medium to work with, you may want to try others such as :

    Pearl dust

    Luster dust

    Highlighter dust

    Disco dust

    Hope this helps,

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    Hi,  I use a LOT of the lustre dust, petal dust or whatever you might want to call it.  I have all colors..  I love esp, the Gold and Pearl ones..  They are so easy to apply.  I like to use  water color brush,  then buff them w/ cotton balls to make them really shiny.. if you want to make a paint out of them,  mix a drop of almond xtract to it or vodka.  They are a bit pricey,  but so nice and so much fun.. I buy mine from Caljava.  It is very popular and it is safe,  as long as it is FDA approved for food grade..

    here are some of the ones I did:

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