pet peeves for cooks

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a few of mine:

going to someone's house and randomly having to cook. the knives are always dull and rest of the equipment is substandard.

when people ask "what is your specialty?"

people that think that television personalities are the greatest chefs ever.
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Showing up for work on Monday morning only to find my work station has been changed or something moved. It is more than a pet peeve for me.......

Looking into the pantry only to see that the product I am looking for has been used and emptied and no one bought another or left a note telling me there is none left. (weekend shift)

People asking me , " Do you  like to cook ?"

Getting ready to plate and someone walks into the kitchen and wants to talk.
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When I get asked for something that isn't on the menu or even have ingredients for in the restaurant.

Servers that don't know the menu....especially after a month of work.
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a couple more:

When i turn around at my station and find that someone has snatched my dry towel {and usually leaving a dirty wet one}, tongs or spatula

messy, unorganized cooks. their range is covered with spills. more mise en place on the cutting board and the floor than the cold well.

people who use all of something:eek:live oil, cream, corn starch etc. and put the empty container back on the shelf.
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I have to agree with halmstad.........

people who feel TV personaliites are the best chef's ever--


People destroying their knives on a steel... thinking they are cool because they can do it fast and make a lot of noise.

Watching cooks on TV drip sweat and drop hair into food because they don't wear hats... health inspectors would definitely write you up for that.

Watching Emeril for years on TV and thinking he is the greatest, only to find out his food is crap...
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People who think you know everything.

People who think you know nothing.  :D
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Pet Peeve of a Chef?

                                 No one truly  gets this industry unless your in it! ...after over 30 years...including the time working for my parents restaurant it is in my blood for life.

We are a different breed , that is in no way explainable  unless you are living the same dream as I am. Don't ask me to come over for dinner and then say " Would you serve this in your restaurant? ....and don't ask me if I would like to help in the kitchen or my opinion on anything over the meal ...I just love it when someone else cooks .Even if it is a grilled cheese sandwich

I do have my own down time too!
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people using my station and not cleaning the mess they made, servers coming around to my station to look for food and in my way. coming to the dessert station and finding and empty bag of whip or empty bottles of sauces, just dont see why they cant refill it or  just have it washed. 
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a few of mine:

going to someone's house and randomly having to cook. the knives are always dull and rest of the equipment is substandard.

when people ask "what is your specialty?"
I effing HATE both of these. Good equipment totally makes the difference and unfortunately most people don't have decent knives.

Anyways I am going to add a couple of my own:

1. People not respecting the craft -- par example there is a waiter/cook at a place I work at who claims he is going to put "sous chef" on his resume because he has been watching the Food Network for years and works in the kitchen a few shifts a week. He was absolutely floored when I properly rolled an omelette and gussied up one of the dessert presentations. Jesus I'm getting fired up just thinking of it.

2. Fellow cooks who are talking to you as they're walking away/not facing you then get pissed you didn't hear them. Either speak up, look in my direction or don't get angry I had to ask for a repeat. I don't have microphones planted in the walls.

That's all.
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>Had domestic Kobe Beef as a special one weekend.

>Burgers for lunch, filet for dinner.

>First burger order is well-done.

>First filet is well-done and butterflied.

Also, people ordering a medium burger or steak, and sending it back because "it still has some pink in it."
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A few years ago (pre-retirement),  I was waitressing in a very nice restaurant that had "Steak House" in the name.   It ticked everyone off when customers whined because the menu didn't have more vegetarian offerings (there were at least 3 veggie plates,  plus the cooks did try to be accomodating).  Like ... hello...its a steak house... why did you even come in here??? Grrrr...
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I'd like it well done, but juicy"

Well, waddayaknow, PrairieChef. Seems like you've served my brother.

The boy insists on having his steaks cooked to the shoe leather stage, then douses them in ketchup because they're so dry.
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i always say at work that the restaurant industry would be a much more fun place to work if it wasn't for those pesky servers and guests.
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