pet peeve of a restaurant

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I'm pretty sure that everyone here has at least one restaurant on their list that they would not go to for any reason. Mine is Milestones. What is yours ?
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Po in NYC. I can't remember ever being treated so badly and the food was OK at best.
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Houlihans in ST. Louis. The service from seating to ordering to getting the bill was s-l-o-w. They brought the people at the next table half of our order (we were still waiting for a beverage) and the bathrooms had standing water on the floor and no paper towels. ewwwwwwwww. I will NEVER go back.

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Canlis is a restaurant in Seattle that gets raves..but not from us. It's overpriced, and last time we were there the steak was tough, the grilled asparagus terrible, and other things just ok. Not worth $100 pp without drinks. I could do much better on my own.

Some restaurants to me are the Emperor's New Clothes....everyone thinks they're great..don't dare say they're not.
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Pinot Brasserie in Las Vegas. Bad food, worse service, "deer in headlights" is NOT a management style.
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Do fast food places count? Since I was 16 I've refused to eat at McDonald's, Burger King, etc. because I found out that rain forests in South America were being slashed and burned to provide the cheap meat for the burgers. I found out that the indigenous people basically died because they didn't have their habitats anymore. :( I couldn't partake of such violence.

There's a whole list of Chinese restaurants in Chinatown in New York that I refuse to go to because they refuse to recognize thier workers' rights to form a union. Then there are restaurants in the Bay Area I won't go to because I don't like the way the waitresses yell at me. Any Chinese Americans out there know what I mean? :mad:
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