pesto in pasta dough

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i am starting to love making my own pasta dough. i was curious if you, in the process of icorperating the flour and egg, could add pesto to it.

anyone try it?
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I have seen this, but have yet to try it. I know that some recipes will incorporate vegetable juices in them to add flavor and color. Let me know how it turns out if you try it. I would assume that you could replace all the liquid with pesto because it contains oil.
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On a similar note... I like to make garlic pasta and basil pasta, cook the two together, and add parmesan and a dash of good olive oil to the result. Pesto flavour, and the texture of the cheese is not lost.


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Yes you can incorporate pesto into pasta. You can incorporate pesto into almost anything, cakes, brownies, chilli, soup, rice, all your mother sauces, :) LOL, of course you gotta use your judgement. You can also incorporate almost anything into pasta!

On a more serious note, the answer is a resounding YES! You can incorporate pesto into your pasta. Bear in mind that the protein structure will be compromised with the addition of the oil. And no, oil is not a substitute for water in pasta dough. The starch granules cannot hydrate if you do not have any moisture.

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You can add lots of stuff to pasta.
We add whole grain mustard, or infuse saffron in the liquid before making and I quite like adding sun-dried tomato paste. Adding spinach to make green pasta and squid ink to make it black should be well known. One I tried that I don't recommend is chocolate pasta.

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