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Hello all of you at ChefTalk, what a great community! I am thrilled to join this fantastic resource and look forward to many conversations and exchanges.

I am a Personal & Private Chef living currently in the South of France, on the coast between St. Tropez and Toulon. It's wonderful getting to know the delights of this region, which I find most inspiring on many levels, particularly, of course, my cooking! Recently I foraged for mushrooms and learned about interesting benefits of drinking tisane made from wild heather!

There is just so much to learn in life. So, as I am a most curious person and avid learner, you will probably be hearing quite a bit from me!

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Welcome to cheftalk. Do you work in a residence or on a yacht? Do you have any staff or are you a solo chef?
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I would love to work in the south of france one day, montpellier or avignon in particular. Its an amazing part of the world

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