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Good morning world, My name is Dante. I'd just like to take a minute of your time to introduce myself.

I've been formally training in French cuisine at the Culinary Institute of the Arts in San Francisco (CIA). I am currently serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, however I am to be transitioning back into the civilian life in the next 90 days. I have prior experience working in the culinary industry in Sonoma, CA and Napa, CA, with this obviously comes a love and expertise in wine & cheese. Since I have been in the military I have been working on the side as a Personal / Private chef. I have served hundreds of clients in settings anywhere from a couple on Valentine's day, in their home, to 250+ dinner guests at weddings, and everywhere in between.

Since my time in the military is coming to an end, I will be moving across the country to Burlington, VT, where my wife will be attending college. I am seeking more permanent employment in that area, working as a lead cook, sous chef, or culinary advisory.

I'm looking forward to the community on this forum and hopefully a bit of exposure.

Thank you for your time,


Enjoy every bite.
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Hi Dante! Welcome to ChefTalk.

Enjoy your move to Vermont. I moved to Vermont in 2010 and really love the area. Burlington and vicinity have a vibrant culinary scene so finding work shouldn't be an issue.

Thank you for your service!


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