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Whilst sitting waiting to turn into a carpark last week, a pickup truck rammed at speed into the back of my poor volvo and pretty much mashed the a**e off it. I narrowly avoided oncoming traffic, but apart from a wee bit of whiplash and being thoroughly shaken up for a few days I was ok.
Not so the car. The assessor says it's borderline fixable, but thankfully I get it back in a fortnight.

How the heck do all these solicitors know about it? and why are they so agressively trying to persuade me to sue for personal injury, when I'm really okay.

I've had Emails, texts and phonecalls from so many "interested parties," who are very miffed at my ingratitude at their concern. "no i dont wish to persue a suit" says I. "Ahh, but they are at fault" they return. Again and again.

My point is this...I'm claiming on the other guys insurance for repairs and courtesy car. Fine. Thats what we all pay our premiums for. If i'm injured and lose time at work, or am otherwise financially at a loss because of the accident, then i would consider claiming... But These guys are aware that I just have a sore neck and shoulder which is getting better every day. Apparently I can still sue the pants off the guy who hit me. for the "trauma" I must have suffered. I was shaken up, but 2 days R&R in Perth shopping with Bryan sorted that.

Finally, Have we really become a society that feels the need to lay blame at someone elses door for all our mishaps in life. Whatever happened to accept it and move on?
I'm generalising of course. Many people need the support of a system that will recompense them for the hardships they suffer due to anothers stupidity, or malice.

It makes me cross. Thanks for listening to me bumping my gums
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If you don't sue people how are you going to feel better about yourself?:rolleyes:

probably got wrote up in the papers and some solicitor read it and was able to get their hands on the accident report with yer info and call you, repeat process enough to annoy the heck out of Madame Bughut. sigh, at least when they had to actually chase ambulances they were in better shape and not so fat.
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Ambo-chasers are making inroads here, too? :rolleyes:

Sorry to hear about the wee accident, BH - hope you're not feeling too sore.
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Ouch....could have been worse hey? Glad you and the car are on the mend.
Retail therpay can work wonders :)

Litigation is getting to such a ridiculous state - dare one say "So sue me?" anymore.

In this case, what would it benefit anyone? If you had permanent damage, then sure, it may be the way to go. But as you say its not. There are pariahs out there waiting to swoop. All you want is some peace and quiet...not incessant droning of pests.
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There is a special place in **** for Lawyers and Insurance folks.

I had wind damage to my roof with caused a leak.....almost 6k worth of damage to my house.

my homeowners...has a 'wind damage to roof' clause that makes my deductible not even worth the claim.....
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I have a friend who works for a local car dealership's body shop. The lawyers got information about the accident, probably, in the same way that his manager does in order to solicit business for the shop. Police reports are generally public information. If you know who to ask, you have all of the information you need.

As to the sue happy nature of(the majority of) western society, the downfall of most societies is harked, historically, by an overly litigious nature of the people. Not playing Nostradomus here, just spewing trivia really.
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I love the legal loophole in that. It asks for a pound of flesh in their contract as payment, but the out is, that it does not specify that any blood shall be taken.

I like it.
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Sorry to hear (read) of your mishap! I'm hoping it's quickly put behind you.

Of course lawyers are in it for their own gain. Scroom.

That aside, whiplash can cause damage that you don't realize for a while. You may feel fine now, but it might take a bit to feel the damage, if there is some. Don't close the doors on coverage for injury just yet. I hope you are as fine as you feel, but just keep that in mind.
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Bughut - what Yeti posted makes a lot of sense. Make sure you've had a doctor's report done, and are able to keep those details in case (fingers crossed not) that anything more does at some time eventuate from it.

I hope it has not also harmed your Cooking Matters business. BTW, we need an update on how that's going when you get a chance :)

ChefRay- I studied that book many many moons ago, but the eventual sense of justice and fairplay has stayed with me always. I had an inkling you were making a reference to it, and was warmed by your response. Sometimes people refer to Shakespeare as being a "soap opera" writer of his time, but there is a lot more to him than that.
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I agree in one respect. But sure today and tommorow you are ok. but any injury could come back to haunt you in a few years some time it takes time to fester. It is not a question of blame today, but what will the future of your tremor or injury have in store for you?
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I hear all your advice and i thank you.I know you have my best interests at heart. However, I shan't be taking it further.

I've had far more and worse kitchen related injuries - Broken toes, burns, cuts and bashed and bruised limbs. Even a suspected concusion when i stood up quickly and hit an oven door someone had left open. Never once did i, or anyone i ever worked with, consider claiming for injuries that could possibly cause problems in the future. I guess thats where i get my attitude from.

Cheers guys
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Speaking from experience, I have back problems that stem from repetitive stress work injuries. They didn't show up until 3 years after I left that company because of back/shoulder issues that at the time weren't that serious. I am disabled because of it so see a doctor to make sure you don't have any hidden injuries!
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I am so sorry to hear of what you have had to suffer and what you are still going through. Living with a disability is not easy.


Hear what Mary has to say, just make sure there are no hidden damages. You can always go the hospital and tell them what happened and that you would like a scan and have them give you a copy on cd for future references in the event of.
You have a great outlook on life and the way you handle things, but a small precaution would not hurt anyone either.
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I'm really sad that the UK seems to be going down the same litigious path as the USA. I'm like you - unless I'm at death's door, it's 'carry on as usual'!:look:
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I'm not lawsuit-happy and I don't think most Americans are. I was just suggesting keeping the insurance coverage as open as possible, in case it does become debilitating.

Anyway, hopefully this is all a non-issue :smiles:
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