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    My name  is  Brother  William J  Johnson,  I have  passion for  cooking,  I would  like  the chance  to cook for  high clients, in New York City. 

    I have started my  own business in Henderson, Kentucky it  is  not  enough service  to take  care of  my  family.

    I have  been taught  if you don't  use  your  skills  , you loose  your  skills.  I have  wife  that  I don't  want her to worry about nothing.

    My life  goals  are  to be license  Chaplain, Chef , License Pastor , have  successful business so I can take  care  of  my family  first , and  then help people.

    I am going for  the  13  time  to New York ,next week seeking  to complete  my passion ,  I just  need  a  network where  to go so I can get hire as a  personal cook in New York.   My twelve times  before  they told me  you are  just home  cook to us with no formal training, give me  the opportunity with God help I can show  what  I can do.
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    Welcome William. Glad you joined ChefTalk and it seems like you have a solid direction in your path. We request that members do not use the site to freely market their website,blogs products etc. Long time members have this privilege but new members do not.