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I cook the best healthy meal or any type of meal that required a special prepare for elderly,  any type of meal for the normal young, adult or teen the way you like it or want it. I can cook all kind of international dish as well as American meal with all presentation, colure, texture and of course a best taste. I used to work at 5 stars hotel and cooked at the top restaurant before just for my part time job when I was a college student, with my knowledgeable all kind of nutrition and herbs and I love to cook ( but I can cook junk meal or from cane too if you prefer ( cooking is my passion as well as travel and I travel a lot in US and oversea ).

But I cooked in the Thai, Japanese, American restaurant before in US for living, I used to own a travel agency in Thailand before I came to US and I live in CA for over 20 years and I am a US citizen who is marriage with my husband ( American ) and we got divorce, now is final ( it's a long story and sad ) Now I have a difficult time in my life and need help from anyone who is kind, understanding, helping each other share benefit to each other as a return I will cooking and do some cleaning in exchange. 

Please tell me detail, if you can I'll very much appreciated it. Thank you.----Michelle

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