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hello everyone, Im trying to start a personal chef business and they are asking me for Food Permit from the health Department so I went to request such permit and I found out I cant get It because I need a inspected, commercial facility, I argued with them that I am not catering I would like to work as personal chef and they keep saying I cant buy any food or bring any equipment to the clients home ??? They keep telling me if I bring Salt and Pepper I still need the commissary from an approved source and the I need a commercial kitchen to cook, this is in California who can I get a health permit ? I got my business licenses already but do I need the health permit? just wanna get in trouble/img/vbsmilies/smilies/frown.gif
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Who is "They" that is asking for this permit and what is a food permit?

You should be able to shop for the client and then prepare that food in their private home for their consumption, it happens every day.

There was a member here that passed recently and was a long time personal chef in CA that could have answered all your questions.

You should have a food handlers permit and business liability insurance also.
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Contact one of the personal chef associations for assistance ( or @chefbuba is right. As long as you're working under a "cook for hire" arrangement, you can purchase the food at the market on the cook day, transport it safely to the client's house and prepare the meal(s). My county (El Dorado County, California) recognizes this arrangement of its website. You do need a health permit to operate a traditional catering business or restaurant (
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Most counties don't recognise cook for hire scenarios... I had the same problem with my county (contra costa) and ended up having to 'rent' commercial space by signing a lease with a commissary kitchen, and simply storing my ingredients there, pulling from them, and transporting to the clients home.  It's a small small price to pay to fully comply with the law.  I'd suggest you look into it.
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