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Hey wats up guys. I am a line cook looking to start my own venture bringing my experience with food to the homes of people. I wish to start a part-time business as a personal chef, but i don't exactly know the information on what to charge clients and how to go about it. If someone would not mind I would like to know how I would cost out my products and also the margin of profit I should be looking to make based upon hourly wages and price per person.

Thank you very much. Vic
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Check out the American Personal Chef Association (which will also link you to the Canadian Assoc.) There you will find a wealth of information, Personal Chefs' web pages ect.

I looked into myself a couple years ago, and found several of the chef's to be quite willing to chat about the ins & outs. There are many reasons why someone would use a Personal Chef. and you have to market all of those reasons and how you can accomidate the need. But be sure your area has the needs & a possible cliental. You may want to hang on to a regular source of income for a while & simply test the waters.

Good Luck

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