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    Just Graduated From Culinary School
    So I attended culinary school a few years ago simply to improve techniques and to become more knowledgable about the culinary world. I've cooked in my church for events for 50 people and private dinners held in the church as well. Although I was paid for most of the jobs I've done, it wasn't really what a culinary graduate should be making I'm sure.

    I was approached by a family I know to come to their house once or twice a month and prepare several freezable meals. The mother simply would rather spend her time with her family, and not cooking her sunday away. Because there's children, the family will decide on items to be prepared. I believe they will do shopping as well. 

    My question is what is an appropriate "going rate" for this sort of thing. I'm assuming that it's best to charge per hour. I imagine it being 3-4 hours work each visit. This is located in Philadelphia if that makes a difference. 

    Thanks for your help!