Personal Chef Needs Commercial Kitchen

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Hello!  I am an established personal chef in Glendale, CA and I have been working out of a commercial kitchen for the past two years.  The kitchen will not be available for lease after this month and I am desperately looking for a kitchen to rent.  It must have storage and 2 work stations for prep cooks.  I need the kitchen Monday - Wednesday weekly from 9-2 or 3. Sometimes on Thursdays.  I've tried churches, civic organizations and bars or restaurants that are not open during the day and want the additional income.  I'm licensed and insured.  I have all of my own equipment (large appliances excluded).  We are great tenants.  

Thank you!

Beth Volpe

Savory Eats by Beth

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I am selling my Health permitted commercial bakery in South Pasadena. There is no hood nor grease trap. LMK if you want to come see it.
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