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I'm looking for a recipe for light and fluffy perogie dough. the lighter and fluffier the better. :}
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Pierogie dough is basically the same thing as pasta dough. Light and fluffy are not generally the goal witih pasta. Additional water will make the dough less manageable, but it will be more tender.

Here is one of the better recipes for pierogies that I've come across.

Are you sure you're not talking about a light and fluffy dumplings? I've seen baking powder variations of those that can get pretty light and fluffy.
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My mother had a friend over once who made pierogies with her. They came out so light, they melted in your mouth. My mom forgot the recipe and has long since lost touch with the friend. :(
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My Russian-Jewish grandmother sometimes baked hers. She called them "pirogen" and filled them with some of the same fillings as knishes: mashed potatoes with chicken cracklings; kasha with onions; mushrooms and onions; leftover meat or chicken, ground with mushrooms and onions. I do not remember the dough, but I think it was a pie dough with small changes in it. Definitely pastry, not noodle dough.

But when she cooked them in soup she used her noodle dough. Either way they were delicious! :lips:
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1 egg, 1 cup whole milk, 2 cups flour. Mix all adding flour untill dough is manageable. We fill with meat, kraut, potato, cherry, and cheese. I'm 4 generation maker of perogies.

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