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Anyone have a preferred brand of pepper grinder for the line? I've always been partial to peugeot, but my latest one is done for, so I need a new one. 

What does everyone here use? Any recommendations? 
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If you need a mill,  Magnum is the best (fastest)

I prefer a mortar and pestle

- more uniform size control

- MUCH faster for anything more than a half teaspoon  

- many other uses: other spices, pesto, curry pastes

Yes it is clunky and doesn't fit on the line.  Grind your pepper at the beginning of shift and put some in a ramekin, take as needed
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Yeah I gotta tell you, my parents had one of those magnums and I didn't care for it. The grind was always too big (even when adjusted) and very uneven. Maybe they had a old/bad/worn out one or something, but I did not like it.

I've also used mortar and pestle (we actually have one in the kitchen, not used MUCH, but sometimes) but I prefer a pepper mill for line work. I don't like getting pepper on my fingers, and I find a mill gives me a more even coating.

Thanks for the suggestions though, keep them coming! 
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I bought one of those magnum and had to return it because it had a strong unpleasant smell of plastic/petroleum.
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