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Hi everyone.

So I'm learning a lot about tea lately. Most recently, the fact that gunpowder tea isn't actually made with real gunpowder, but is simply so named for its appearance. Disappointed, I've been considering adding some cracked pepper to my gunpowder green tea for an extra bit of spice, and I was hoping to get some opinions on what the best kind of pepper is to use (black, green, red, pink, etc.), and what would be a good ratio to get that touch of spice form the peppercorns while still preserving the subtleties of the green tea.
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For our chai tea, we use a mix of red, white, black, and green (they come pre-mixed from Frontier). Toasted in a cast iron skillet and then cracked (not ground).


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I don't know that I would use pepper in a green tea. Seems like it would compliment black tea much better, both in the flavors and not having the pepper overwhelm the tea, but if you were try it, I think I would stick with dried green peppercorns.
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I didn't even think about that ^^^ the chai is made with black tea, you are probably right, Pete.

White peppercorns might be a good match as well - a hit of heat without the outer layer and it's flavor.

Hawkflight could try both and let us know how they work :)
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Dried green peppercorns are somewhat earthy and herbal in flavor so probably match up well with green tea, especially gunpowder. Maybe this will be the night I test it out.
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