Pensacola area ?

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I am fairly new to the boards, so forgive me and move the post if it is not the appropriate place to ask this -

Is anyone willing to give me thoughts and / or reviews on restaurants, clubs, culinary centers and teaching facilities, catering operations, anything to do with food basically in the Pensacola area? Preferably on the Whiting Field side of Pensacola vs. 40 miles south of Pensacola...

If you know of another forum or website to obtain this information I would welcome that.
if you don't feel comfortable printing it publicly, you are more than welcome to email or PM me.

Thanks in advance!
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Oh, sorry to reply so late -
My husband's sister lives in Pensacola, and we visited in January. We didn't find any great places to eat, but then my sister-in-law and family are not particularly food oriented. I did love sweetea, and refills!
However, before we went, I looked for good restaurants on the southeastern board of the following website. In fact, I'm obseesively addicted to this site in all its manifestations! When my husband goes to Manhattan Beach, we check. We found a nice new Japanese Katsu place between our hotel and the church, when we went to a wedding in Chicago - and when my son went for an interview at Microsoft, I had a whole list of places for him. (He went to the James Beard nominated sushi place, bless him). That said, listing for Pensacola and the area were sparse :( Be gentle with this website: it's well-moderated and positive!

go to the boards, and click on southeast. Good luck - and if you find anything you like, let me know for our next visit!
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