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hey everyone,,, im sure alot of you are aware of this site,,, but if not you really should check it out,,, fantastic deals on everything, no taxes except california,,, and free shipping on items over 299.00 dollars, great people to deal with so i figure ill give them some advertising
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Its amazing at how less expesive stuff is in the states compared to here. Were taxed to death on everything. An article recently calculated that working from Jan to June we pay the taxman, from July to Dec is the rest is mine. Bad eh. I bought 200 cigarettes in Turkey for $5.00 Over here theyre $10.00 a packet.
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Cooks' Porn if ever I saw it. DH and I enjoyed flipping through the site drooling over the equipment.
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drooling over the equipment !!!!!!!!!
I guess thats a good way to get a discount; shop soiled !
but its terribly unhygenic.
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I poked around on the original manufacturer sites and BigTray upticks by a couple hundred dollars.

However I see where it's a wash IN SOME CASES because you'll pay shipping and handling from the OEM.

Other items are way upticked.

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