Pectin problem

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I am a caterer and find that when I make a high volume jelly (eg. 16 liters), I need to add the pectin in smaller 2 liter batches in order for it to set properly.

I understand the different needs of different fruits, but still find the need to batch the infusion of pectin.

Is there something I am missing here. Do you need to either increase or decrease the amount of pectin when you increase to this volume of jelly?

Any information, web links, articles, etc, would be helpful.
Thanks in advance
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Frankly, unless you have a commercial jelly-making outfit, it's more dependable to do it in small batches. But the liquid pectin trick is worth trying.
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we do in fact use liquid pectin at work, and after phoning the company that produces it, they recommended small batches as well.....due to the equipment limitation.

Thanks for all the support here, guys.

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