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Brief background.  I use to the the office manager and executive assistant to the owners.  I was invited into the kitchen and took off from there.  Yet over the year I have always been asked to keep doing payroll.  I have said all this year that I just can't do payroll any longer.  I am tired from my 130 hours in two weeks and felt that I could not do something that is so important and do it with error.  

Sure enough, On this payroll I found my spreadsheet had a formula error because I added a few employees, also I entered a dishwasher at in Table attendant and she got underpaid.  I did fix the formula errors.

However I went to the owner and told him the mistakes that I made in the payroll.  I told him I did fix the formula, I would get the pay rate and our dishwasher paid properly.  I also said again that after doing so many hours in the kitchen, where I love working, I just can't do payroll.

I do feel bad that I can't be all things to everyone, I want to do a great job but I take payroll very serious and I just don't like to make mistakes.  I love just being in the kitchen and focusing on giving great food.

Is my request reasonable?  I really just can't do payroll again.
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Not unreasonable. Think of it this way, they have great trust and faith in your ability. Also, if you're one of, or only, person that knows payroll, well, then you're that much more layoff/fire proof.

Also, it sounds like there is some room for improvement in your place's accounting system.
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as an owner, I love to help folks realize their dreams and asperations but at the same time - why should i lose a good bookeeper and have to retrain a new staff - training a new employee costs a lot and takes time

honestly it was you whom wanted to move, you should help in the payroll as either overseeing it, doing it part time ect .

perhaps you can work one or two less shifts in the kitchen and still have the time and ability to preform your previous tasks well... 

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Thanks to both responses.  I did find out from my kitchen boss, that the owner said I didn't have to the payroll again.  I didn't mean to make mistakes and take pride in my work, but I was honestly exhausted.  I am glad that have heard my request to release me from the office work.  They have had owner #2 in the office and although she isn't great, she can do the job.  I help her when I can.

Yeah, now I can finish my season in the kitchen!
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A bit late, but yeah, they should have an accountant doing payroll.

It's in their best interests and yours.

Of course they could always hire an accountant to cover your kitchen shift while you do payroll.

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