Patterned Glaze

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Looks like a stencil was laid on the cake, some kind of coloured cocoa butter or colouring sprayed directly on the cake,and a clear gel glaze poured on top
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Stencil and a color airbrushed on.

Looks a little thick to be just a glaze to me. Piping Jelly transfer?
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I'm quite sure that is a white choco disc, stensiled and sprayed. When I used to be creative I actually made a garnish. I pre-cut it to match the portion cut and lifted a little to add a fan effect. If that it what it is, it's just for show. Would be a mess serving or lift off the disc.

Hey! what the hell do I know, I now posative it's not that./img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif
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you spray with a stencil first, allow to set, then you pour the jelly on top.

tip: don't remove the tin before putting the jelly on as it will give you the best and easiest coating on top, without jelly getting every

don't make the cheese cake all the way to the top, as you need some space for the jelly to fit in
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