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    I'm into old-school recipes and traditional cooking, I recently had a glance through a Roux brothers, French country cookng cookbook and noticed a great lookng pate that smacks of texture and taste. Does anyone know a recipe for a chunky homemeade pate that would be perfect for a slice of still warm homemeade bread?
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    I made one 2 weeks ago.

    200g. raw chicken livers, rinsed and soaked in milk overnight.

    100g. not so lean bacon, diced.
    64g. sliced yellow onion.
    64g. button mushrooms, sliced.
    16g. butter
    75ml. heavy cream
    75ml. Cognac or brandy
    To taste:
    fresh grated nutmeg
    dry sage
    fresh garlic
    dry thyme

    Remove chicken livers from milk, pat dry, discard milk. Cook bacon in saute pan till cooked but not crisp. Remove 2/3 of the bacon fat and reserve, then add chicken livers. Cook till livers are 2/3 cooked and add mushrooms and onions. Cook till livers are done through and onions are clear. Add cognac and reduce liquid by half. Remove from heat and cool slightly the mixture.
    Grind cooled liver mixture through fine grinding plate (1/8") into bowl. Stir in butter and heavy cream and seasonings. Pack in bowls or crocks 1 1/2 ins. deep, making sure to leave 1/4' of space at top. Smooth tops and cover with thin layer of reserved bacon fat. Store refrigerated. Best flavor is developed in a day or two. To serve, remove fat layer and enjoy!
    Good luck.
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    the heck.

    200 g chicken livers clean and soaked overnight in milk
    200 g chicken breast

    100 thinly sliced smoked bacon

    75 g duck fat(optional)
    1 large eggplant
    1 finely diced large onion
    4 minced garlic cloves
    1/2 a tsp freshly ground Baharat
    (3:1:1:1 Allspice:Cumin:Nutmeg:Cinnamon)
    black pepper and salt to taste
    Roast the eggplant by halving it, scoring it , rubbing it in oil, wrapping in aluminom foil and putting in a 375f oven for thirty minutes or until soft.
    Scoop and puree. Put the eggplant mush in a strainer sprinkle with salt and let drain.

    Sweat the garlic, onion and Baharat in the duck fat(or a spoon of oil)until transculent. Add eggplant and cook, stirring often, over low flame for five minutes. Let cool.

    Dice a third of the chicken breasts and livers and put aside in a large bowl.
    Finely puree the rest and add the eggplant mixture. Add to the bowl and mix well.

    Line a meat loaf pan with the bacon slices letting the over hand. Fill with the mixture and cover with the bacon.
    Wrap the pan with plastic wrap and aluminon foil.
    Put a larger deep baking pan filled 2/3 of the way with water and bake at 300f for 65 minuted or to internal temp of 165f.

    Let cool and enjoy.

    BTW you can change the chicken breast to lean veal and the livers to calf liver. You can also use rabbit meat and rabbit livers(if you can get some). Also be careful of defrosted livers. Breasts can stand freezing but livers accuire a horrible unmaskable aftertaste.
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    dude, i used to work for the rouxs, you want a something good for a warm piece of bread?
    look through the Le Gavoche cook book, look for a rabbit terrine with mustard and chablis. unbelievable. that terrine has been on the menu for over 20 years, with good reason