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Do you have any idea where and how i should keep an open can of pate pistache ? i finally opened it and used it to make Pistachier from Le Buffets sucres de L'ecole lenotre : ingredients: 100 gr tpt
70 gr' icing sugar
50 gr' flour
160 gr' egg white
100 gr' melted butter
70 gr' pate pistache
Mix all the dry ingredients together. Add the pistachio paste and melted butter, then the beatten eag whithes (not too dry). Pipe in a flexipan mould and bake at 220 C for 15 minutes. Decorate with an iced pistachio. enjoy! :)
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That sounds good...

Keep pistachio paste in the refrigerator. Throw it out if it starts to smell rancid. It will usually keep this way for 6-8 months.

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