pate pistache

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Does anyone know where should i keep an opened can of pate pistache (it doesn't say on the outside)and for how long? Thanks. :confused:
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Remove it from the can and place in a platic or glass container, wrap well and keep in the refridgerator for up to 6 months. Treat like fresh nuts, they go rancid so store in a cool place. Freezing is good for nuts, not too sure about the paste.
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Wow that sounds yummy! Is it sold in the US? Or only Israel? Can I make it myself? sounds like a nice addition to a cake!
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I bought the pate pistache in france last january after attending a course at lenotre. The chef used it in one of the recipies and i thought that it would be nice to have it around just in case... but a few days ago i was looking at a book when the pate pistache was in one of the ingredients so i decided to give it a try and made "pistachier":
100gr tpt
70gricing sugar
50gr flour
160gr' egg whites
100gr' melted butter
70gr' pistachio paste
mix all the dry ingredients together. add the pistachio paste and melted butter, then the whipped whites,fold gently. Pipe in a flexipan mould and bake at 220 c for 15 minutes. Remove from mould when cold.
This recipe was taken from "les Buffets sucres"- de L'ecole Lenotre.... :p
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You can purchase pistachio paste from most commercial bakery suppliers. I do love the taste! You use it much like any other flavorings such as almond or lemon. Either in baked items or frostings and fillings, creme brulee, cream anglaise etc...etc...
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