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i just bought a brand spankin new tip set and i have no clue what all the tips do. any suggestions on how to find out?
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Hello Isaac,

I would make a batch of royal icing, then use all the tips on parchment paper.

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wilton deco books and mags usually have pages of sample work for each tip also ATCO has photos of their tips.
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Or look at Wiltons' Year books bought at any craft store and some books stores....I believe you can also find "Wilton" on line. Toward the middle of their books they show their tips and what border/look the tip creates.

Each year book varies abit and some have more details on tips then others, but you'll find the info. very helpful.
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When we got our tool kit at J&W, it had a set of graduated plain tips, and graduated star tips. That's it. We did most of our stuff with a #3 star tip. I have tons of tips, and never use most of them.

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