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do you think a 6 month course on pastry making is OK for a beginner?  My brother is thinking of taking it up as a hobby.  We are stuck on deciding on taking the 6 month course or the 1 year course complete with certification.  Its more expensive though, and it is just as a hobby.  Any suggestions?
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I would go with the 6 months because if it is just a hobby
there is no need to pay more money
to be honest if I was doing it just for a hobby
I would just look for stuff online to teach me
for example
I usually go to youtube to work on my skills with gumpaste and fondant
so while I wait until june to go to sullivan I do stuff like that
there are Dvds you can buy to teach you
but its all up to you
hope I helped
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im in pastry school and i can tell u, if its just a hobby take the 6 month or better yet find an alternative completely. Once u learn the basic techniques every thing is more or less the same.

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