Pastry chef needed for recipe development

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My name is Kathy Rastar and I will be launching a healthy food business in July. Currently, we are sourcing our desserts from a supplier and solely focusing on our food. Later on as the business progresses, I hope to offer my own desserts. I want to do it now; however, kitchen space does not permit me to do so. I am looking for pastry chef who can make creative and tasty 8 oz dessert jars of varying flavors such as English Trifle, Sticky toffee pudding, banana pudding or bananas foster, red velvet, funfetti, strawberry shortcake, salted caramel, tres leches cake, German chocolate cake, chocolate mousse cake and others or any creative ideas you may have. I want to have this done at first and eventually do holiday dessert jars. I'd like the dessert jars to have a pudding-like consistency and do not want them to be dry. I'd like the pastry chef to design everything so that there is minimal wastage and the execution process is easy. By that I mean, all the components of the jars should be frozen and removed from the freezer an 1 hour ahead and then assembled.

I am located in Vancouver Canada; however, the chef need not be here to do this project. All I am doing is asking him to invent recipes which I will compensate the person for. They key point in production is easy execution. I'd like the major components to be frozen and removed from the freezer as orders come up and then be assembled in the jars.

I do not know if you can help me with such a project. I am asking around for quotes for different people. Please advise.

Kathy Rastar

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