Pastry Chef Assistant

Joined Mar 21, 2016
About us

Eva Sweets Patisserie leverages top quality local ingredients & fresh baking intertwined with traditional European baking techniques and recipes. Our mission is simple - bake and create remarkable pastries in both looks and taste that make us and our customers happy :)

Eva Sweets Patisserie has a small shop on the border between Menlo Park and Redwood City (California); we cater to the local community, start-ups, corporate, weddings & events. Be it straight off the shelves at the patisserie, a company event or a wedding, Eva Sweets goal is the bring all closer to what true sweet bliss is all about.

We are looking for…you
  • A talented pastry maker and/or baker with a good professional background in baking and pastry.
  • Have a passion to learn as well as suggest.
  • Sleeve roller – we do everything, all the time (bake, storefront, cater, dishes, eat, sleep, chat…)
  • Self-motivated.  A ‘let’s do it’ attitude. We’re all about taking initiative, enjoying what we do and pleasing our customers.  
  • Growth. We nurture ambition and your willingness to spread your wings wider, taking your career as high as you can and want. We want you to move up and become a professional; your success is our success.
If you feel you're the one, please don't hesitate and send us an email to [email protected]
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