Pastry Baking Schools in Stockholm, Sweden

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Hello Friends!! I recently moved to Stockholm and must say I am really amazed to see the baking culture in Stockholm. I am currently planning to learn the baking techniques followed here in Stockholm. Can someone please help me by letting me know some classes or courses offered for baking here in Stockholm? Or is there any baking schools where I can register myself? Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to Chef Talk !

Did you relocate to write or is this just a lucky coincidence?

Whichever.... there are several active CT members in your new area maybe someone will chime in with a suggestion.

Also try the culinary school forums....lots of good advice there as well.

This may be shameless but there is an article forum with several great writers with lots to say...maybe you will post something as well?

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Hey ! have you found anything for the baking courses recently? I can only see semester courses for 50 weeks !

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