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uhh can anyone talk to me im looking for other not a student....yet im going to the fall...looking for someone to talk to
you know what I can expect and stuff
and just someone that would like to talk about their passion like I do :)
sorry if wrong place to post :eek:
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I'm about to graduate from the savoury side of the kitchen, however I generally end up spending most of my time in my practical classes producing pastries and deserts(Complimentary items for the menu from extra product, since I almost always have free time).

What sort of things do you want to know about in terms of "what to expect"? Difficulty levels of various things? Class sizes?

Also, I could probably only tell you the format for my school, because I think many teach quite differently. Much of my class learning is in a functioning restaurant, with student designed menus. The pastry arts students from what I know(I used to talk to one who has since graduated) seem to simply produce one or two things each class, which take different skills to make.

I think I'm rambling, so I'll close with advice from someone who's doing it all now?

Don't get discouraged. When your chocolate ornaments look terrible, keep trying. Maybe give up FOR THAT DAY ONLY. Come back the next day. The same goes for everything. There are many "fiddly" little things in the bake shop, but they only take persistence and practice. Keep working on it.

God knows my chocolate piping is still atrocious. Also, I hope my chocolate mousse set today. *prays to the chocolate gods*
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