Pastry and baking program in Canada

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I'm currently looking for a pastry and baking program in Canada, mostly in the area of Vancouver. I'm currently debating between PICA and NWCA. I've read great reviews on NWCA saying that the instructors are great and that the overall experience is good, that is why I'm leaning more towards it but I find 15 weeks to be a bit short so I'm having some doubts about the amount of content that goes in the program. About PICA I know that its a 6 months program but I find it more expensive and haven't read a lot of reviews about the quality of the institute.

I've also read about VCC but I find it too long (some programs lasts more than a year) and since I would attend as an international student, I don't know if I can afford such a long stay. 

I'm looking for an intensive hands-on program, where they teach the basic techniques and provide practical experience to enter the industry. 

I'm scared to take this step since I'm changing a 7 years work experience as an architect to become a pastry chef, I'd like to get the best education possible to prepare me in this new journey.

I'm hoping some of you can help me decide, telling me about your experiences with these institutes, I'm mostly concerned with the quality of the teaching and the reputation of the institute, 

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