pastries w baking temperature - pls help teaching English

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Dear everyone,
I teach English to Hungarian students at a pastry cook training high school, and we have just got the idea of collecting names of pastries in groups according to the temperature they need for being baked. 

We will need your kind contribution to that....

I found that my students, the pastry-cooks-to-be, 
)  are quite clear about how high or low heat certain products are made at GIVEN IN CELSIUS DEGREES, but then, we downloaded some interesting recipes from American websites and we all (including myself) got completely confused with the Fahrenheit figures there. 

That was when I decided that we should learn names of pastries ALONG WITH their "temperature group", also with the Fahrenheit degrees indicated.

Now, this is what we have so far, -- and please add your words to these groups:

C˚160 / F˚320 meringe
C˚180 / F˚350 brownie, pie, sponge cake, unleavened flatbread (pita, pizza etc)
C˚210 / F˚410 scones (eg. Fornetti)
C˚220 / F˚430 Strudel
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While I find this learning concept interesting I find a simple cheat sheet of temp conversions more useful when using "foreign" recipes. I have many that are British and are in C or gas mark... and require temp translation as well as ingredient translation.

Regarding your current entries:

Koko's pate brisee at 400 or 425

Pizza not 350 unless deep dish or Sicilian style or focaccia. Thin pizza and flatbreads at 450 (absolute minimum) to 900 (wood fired oven)

325 - custard in Baine Marie

350 - 425 for clafoutis and batter breads like popovers
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