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I recently started working back in hotels. I am revising the breakfast menu, especially in bqts. I need some ideas for breakfast pastries, besides the norm: scones, danish, croissants, muffins, sweet breads. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
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I used to live in a country that had delicious salty pastries and no one in America makes those, but I am quite sure they would be a hit. You should have basic filling maed out of cheese and eggs, and then add different additions to it, for example: spinach, sausages, mushrooms or leave it as it is. You can make it in different shapes to create a variety of choices.

Hope that helps :)
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How about knishes? You can fill them with savory fillings, but you can also do them sweet.

Churros? Empanadas?

How about using phyllo dough? I have made triangular pastries (trigona-type items) filled with finely chopped apple, walnut, raisin, cinnamon and sugar. They're good with a cheese filling (feta, egg) or whatever you like. You can make these up ahead and freeze them, then bake them off before service. As long as you use plenty of butter to brush the dough, they'll stay crisp for a while after baking.
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At the luxurious Brenner’s Park Hotel in Baden Baden, black bread is offered for guests to top with wedges of mild Munster & pungent Limburger. At the magnificent Ashford Castle Hotel in Co. Mayo, Ireland, the breakfast buffet displays at least 8 different kinds of breads & rolls. Which is to say...many varieties of breads will impress & satisfy every mix of clientele.

Also consider: Crullers (deep-fried choux pastries), Irish Soda Breads, Corn Sticks, Baked Custard-Cinnamon Rolls, Hominy Bread, Vollkorn (leavened w/ beer starter), Crumpets, Alsatian Onion Tart, Cheddar Shortbread, Semolina Biscuits, Flour Tortillas, Bkfst Burritos, Lobster or Shrimp Quiche, Empanadas, Hobos, and Fried-Egg Buckwheat Crêpes.
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